Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama and the Reverand

So there was a discussion in class the other day about Obama and this Reverend Jeremiah Write drama. Of course I agree that the statements made by the Reverend are crazy and frightening. But I do believe that Obama could have heard them and disagreed. I mean I hear things from respected religious figures that I disagree with all the time. I don't write them off completely. I think part of being education is that you don't take everything you hear as fact. You make judgments on your beliefs. I think it is clear that Obama doesn't truly believe the outlandish statements against "white folks" that were made in Write' sermons. And I loved Obama's response. I have friends who were walking a thin line between Obama and Clinton and this speech sold them on Obama. I can see why. This man can talk, he can inspire. Although, some wonder if that is enough. Also, I did hear about a woman who fully supported Obama until this speech that made her turn to Clinton. She said it was because he brought race into the campaign. I say it was the elephant in the room and thank God someone had the nerve to confront the issue. Like no one could tell the man was black- unless you are Joe Biden who was surprised a black man could be so "articulate". Who says that?! So will Obama be able to recover from this bad publicity. I'll admit it doesn't look good. I wonder, though, since Fox News and such is smearing all this over the place if by the time Obama gets the nomination it will be really old news. Will the GOP be able dig it up again and use it as strongly if the shock value is gone? I am thinking no.

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