Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is America ready for a black President?

There is a lot of discussion around me about this issue. Can a black man win. I have even heard friends who would otherwise support Obama comment that they fear that if he becomes president than he might be assassinated. (I bet that phrase just tipped off the FBI who is now monitoring my blog.) I want to believe that the fact that Obama is doing so well already is proof enough that the country is past race. But some of my family and mentors seem to think that Obama's blackness might be his downfall in the primary election. They argue that the proof of this is in the fact that Obama can't just out right take Clinton out in the primary. Afterall, Obama is in the lead with delegates and the popular vote; the only reason she is still in this thing at all is because the white and older vote is keeping her afloat. (Tradition- anyone ever read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson?)

I'll admit that I still find myself surprised when I see how much race still comes up these days. I heard a story the other day about a Mexican-American police officer telling a story about how when she found out her OBGYN was black that she walked out b/c "no ni**er is gonna put his hands" on her. Amazing to me from one minority about another. Shouldn't we be united?

So are us Obama-madness youth naive? Did we not learn our lesson from the last election? Is this where we get slapped in the face and while our elders shake their heads and remember the day they realized that "hope" is a load of crap. That the us regular folk don't decide elections- a select, "important" few do? Or is it us who will cheer in November showing the world that there is hope for change? I guess we will see.

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Bahar said...

Ok so I love this post btw...and I've had a similar concern for the safety of Obama, so I think the only safe solution is to have Hillary be his that way even if they get rid of the president the other option wouldn't be much