Friday, April 18, 2008

McCain and Al Qaeda in Iraq

So I was reading a lot of articles on McCain and his rhetoric on why we need to stay in Iraq- to fight the terrorists. The problem I have with this is the blurring of 9/11 terrorists, those we are fighting in Iraq and Al Qaeda. It seems that McCain, like the Bush administration is assuming the public as dumb and unable to do their own research to discover the difference. And what is sad as that they are right in their assumption. Most of the American public just take smile and nod and vote in fear of terrorists who hate our freedom while the pro-Iraq war camp strategically blurs the distinction those who attacked us on 9/11 and the anti-American forces in Iraq. McCain states that we must fight "Al Qaeda in Iraq" — which, I might add, did not exist in Iraq until after the US invaded the country in 2003- before they take over the country. According to the most recent national intelligence estimates, the bin Laden led organization is now believed to be on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. This is quoted as a "dangerous generalization bc the U.S. isn't fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, it is fighting Iraqis- and many different factions. Obama stated in a speech that “the president would have us believe that every bomb in Baghdad is part of Al Qaeda’s war against us, not an Iraqi civil war. He elevates Al Qaeda in Iraq — which didn’t exist before our invasion — and overlooks the people who hit us on 9/11, who are training new recruits in Pakistan.” So, why are people so blind to all these facts. This is definitely an issue of the media's effects on politics and a sign of the lack of concern on the part of the general public to research these things before blindly throwing support for a campaign slogan spoon fed to the public tell they believe it. ((sigh)) hence BTW, the title of my blog.

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Bahar said...

well I dont wanna just say liberal unsubstantiated nonsense, but when it comes to the education level of the American public, I think I heard that the TV news generally is written so it can be understood by the level of a 4th obviously people with the brain level of a child will not be researching the reality of politicians' claims unfortunately

In fact, I'm pretty sure our education & social system is kept that way in order to have a large mass of people who can be controlled without much questioning and complaints...we need worker bees after all huh?