Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Media and Technology

Even as an unperfected news form, blogs and citizen journalism have a great influence on media and it is undeniable that they are becoming competition for traditional media. (Edmonds; 2005) As bloggers and citizen journalists scoop and correct mainstream news organizations, it is no doubt this is a force that the news corporations have to embrace to survive. This does not mean that Internet media is immune to the ratings dilemma. The Internet is funded by advertising as well, the popularity of a site is instantly rated by the number of clicks it receives, and therefore online writers can become slaves to ratings and popularity. The world is seeing a new face of journalism; this is going to be a hybrid of the standards and ethics traditional journalism, improved in quality, more technologically advanced and accessible to a participatory audience. However, what is still in question is how media organizations solve the dilemma between quality and profit. "Lines blur in the new media world. The only line that doesn’t is the bottom one: profit." (Bugeja; 2005)

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