Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My first day at the Foreign Press Center

So my first day and the Foreign Press Center (FPC) in Washington, D.C. has been as exciting as hoped. After getting my cubicle set up and all that good stuff, I sat in on a briefing by Tom Korologos, former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium and Strategic Advisor at DLA Piper. He spoke to foreign press about the Senate confirmation process from his experience as one of Washington’s most experienced and prominent political advisers.

Then I joined my first FPC staff meeting in which we discussed upcoming briefings, press tours and events. My job over the next few months will be to assist in such tours and briefings which this department organizes for foreign media. I am very excited because I already see where my public diplomacy training will come in and it will be great to use what I have learned at school. I then sat in on a press tour meeting to help plan an upcoming event which will be announced soon.

This first day went by pretty quickly, I am excited to be here. My new colleagues, which consists of foreign service officers and civil service officers as well as producers and film people, are all very welcoming and ensure me I will have plenty of "real" and interesting work to do. It's good to know that it won't be all getting coffee and making copies. The worst part is trying to figure out what they heck everyone is talking about with all the acronyms they use here. But people are happy to explain things to me so that's nice. The USC Master's in Public Diplomacy program is well known here so I am in good company. It's refreshing not to have to explain what PD is and be surrounded by those who speak the language.

The State Intern program in general has set up several events each week for interns to attend pending their office work allows it. Such events include brown bag lunches with diplomats and other experts in the department, and tours of places like the White House and the Supreme Court. My supervisors have encourage me to attend the events I am interested in and also let them know if there are others that they can help set up for me or let me tag along with them. I am very excited! Keep following to hear more. I got approval to blog much of what I am doing so I'll try to keep up with all my exciting events.

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