Thursday, June 25, 2009

My second Arab TV appearance- Al Jazeera English

Today I was fortunate enough to attend the Al Jazeera English’s Town Hall: "Changing Channels" at the Newseum. The event was the filming a special half hour program that will air several times in the first week that Al Jazeera English will air for the first time in D.C. Al Jazeera has been virtually black-listed from US networks and is desperately trying to hit US televisions. Finally, starting July 1st it can be seen in the DC Metro area. I personally watch it on Livestation. This town hall, hosted by Josh Rushing, the US Marine turn Al Jazeera correspondent, included a panel discussion on the media’s role in covering the United States from home and abroad, and the challenges faced by international news networks. The panel consisted of AJE's Sir David Frost, analyst Marwan Bishara, host Ghida Fakhry and managing director Tony Burman and was lead by the studio audience's questions. I got one in that I hope makes the cut! The show will be airing starting July 1st so you all will have to wait til then to see my second Arab TV appearance. (The first was the reality TV show On the Road in America which can be seen on the Sundance channel).
Don't live in DC? Visit I want AJE to campaign to get it in your area.

Watch the video of this program here!

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