Friday, May 2, 2008

Media being used against us


pathos said...

I think there is quite a lot of truth in this, the ID card is already a reality. There are discussions here in NH about our governor refusing to participate and the Feds having to extend the time allowed till our "non-conforming" drivers licenses are refused at airports.
However, I think you could scare yourself silly with the "conspiracy" aspect. I have a hard time believing that ALL mainstream press would cooperate with the silence since they make their money on selling papers and blowing this story would certainly sell papers. The problem with conspiracies is that it requires a huge number of people to: cooperate, keep silent, follow a single leader or chair of leaders and never allow their personal ambitions and egos to steer them from the common goal. AND do that for a long time period, I think they said 60 yrs so far. We have not seen that successfully happen, not in religion, not in politics, not in business, not in governments. A good example are the Nazis and the extermination of the Jews. They had the charismatic leader, a common belief and goal, a desire to keep it secret, excellent organizational skills, cooperative victims and a reward no less than total extermination of an undesired "species". They couldn't keep it a secret more than a few months. And the whole party was destroyed within a decade. I grant that they also tried to dominate the world and managed to touch off WWII, but they did try to keep the concentration camp thing a secret.
The lesson from the video is to keep aware that there are always people who will TRY to do this, that EVERYTHING has a price (or a good side and a bad side) and that it is your obligation as a thinking, educated human to question authority, keep an open mind to other ways of living and thinking. They mentioned that dividing people by race, economic level, religion, is a tool they use to dominate people. And get those Clinton/Bushes out of the White House.
It is also your obligation not to live in fear and to believe in the basic goodness of people. Even the lemmings.

DB said...

Katie, my love, im sorry but this video is shit.
Its not a conspiracy theory, its not the northern alliance or whatever they call it, its NAFTA (North American Free Trade lAlliance)- legitimate multilateral agreement that reduces barriers to trade between Mex, Canada, and US. It has hurt both Mexican and Canadian economies and sightly benefited us. As a result MANY jobs have been lost but also gained in other industries.

Whatever, the point is the video is stupid and those anchors need read a book of free trade and globalization