Thursday, May 1, 2008

Black Gradaution

I got an email from the Cross Cultural Center at my school inviting me to participate in the "Black Graduation". Now I don't exactly look African American but both my Grandparents on my dad's side were half. I have to admit that this whole phenomenon bothered me, a Black only graduation? If someone had a White only graduation they would be shot! Then I thought about how I might like to participate because I am very proud of my African American heritage. But clearly I don't look the part, so I won't participate for fear of being looked at weird. I haven't even ever met a black person in my two years at UCI. This actually really upset me about the school which is very diverse but lacks black students. One day I was walking late on campus and saw the Afrikan Student Union meeting and there were so many people there! How did I miss them all? So my question is this, does this actually allow black students at UCI to segregate themselves. I would go ask my black classmates, but I don't have any. Jesus, I feel white.

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