Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kenya: Home Sweet Home??

Hi everyone!! I made it to Kenya safe and sound! I am exhausted and jet lagged and I am finally off the planes, out of airports, and in a hostel in Nairobi. So far it looks just like the US. Gas stations, restaurants, Abercrombies, and everything in English. I don't yet have any more details about my training or my host family but I love my fellow Peace Corps Volunteer's. They are all so friendly and we are all going through the same emotions! I love them already!   I will be in Nairobi til tomorrow and I have no idea when and how much I will be able to contact everyone once I leave here. I'll keep posting as much as possible! Love ya! xooxox


Katharine Keith said...

I found the same thing in many of the countries I've traveled to! I always expect to see some strange land and find it just feels like another American city! This is why travel is so good for public diplomacy. It helps you realize that people around the world are much like ourselves! So glad you made it safe and are getting along with your fellow PCV's. Can't wait to hear more!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, those first days in Nairobi are bizarre ... you'll learn to love how much of a generic global major city it is soon (I don't know if they're letting you out of Afralti, but if you make it to Sarit Center, have an iced coffee and a pastry at Java House.)

Karibu Kenya!!! :)

- Megan
PCV: Public Health, 2010-12