Friday, October 15, 2010

Made it to Kenya

Jambo everyone! This is Ryan writing to say that I have officially made it to Nairobi in one piece. The flight was long and very uncomfortable. I am staying in a hostel that has hot showers, indoor toilets, and INTERNET! The food is good and I slept for the first time under my mosquito net. The weather is beautiful, a little chilly in the mornings and then it turns sunny and hot. I had my first day of training. I got some vaccinations and my malaria meds. I am taking doxycycline, which is NOT the one that causes hallucinations. I am a little disappointed, it was going to be a great adventure. I love my fellow PCTs, by the way. We are already like a little family and I am having a great time. There are 38 of us and not one is unpleasant. One of the current PVCs commented that she was very surprised to see how close we have gotten already. It is a nice feeling, having so many people who feel the exact same as you. Tomorrow is the last day we all have together, we are getting split in half and I will be going to Loitokitok with the science education people. I am sad to be leaving some of my new friends (I might cry!). On the bright side, I heard there were elephants there! I can't believe I have been in Africa for almost a whole day and I have yet to see a giraffe. Hopefully that will change tomorrow. I would love to write more, but I am starving and I have a hankering for a large bowl of spaghetti. I will settle for rice, beans, and some chicken or beef chunks. It is actually quite delicious. Bye!

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