Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What not to wear.. The Middle East edition

So I leave in 3 days for a very exciting trip to Dubai and Beirut. This has proved more than challenging. First of all, I always over pack for trips and forget something important like pants. To add to my dilemma, my travels take me to largely Islamic countries in the very warm desert. Luckily, my summer in DC prepared me with a business wardrobe that will make due in hot climates. But I am receiving mixed messages about how conservative my dress should be. One article offered this advice:

Golden Rule: Ladies, if you show too much skin, everyone will think you're a prostitute.

Certainly not wanting to be arrested for solicitation, I promptly took my tank tops and skirts out of my suitcase. I am told by many that Dubai is a very modern city and that the dress code is very relaxed. But then I read this article on tourists who were cited for public indecency in the mall. The best part of the article is the Russian business women who said she doesn't own anything but mini-skirts and tank tops.. must be a long Russian winter for her and her mini.

Needless to say I am rather perplexed.. maybe I should just pack my
burqa and my toothbrush.

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Paul Rockower said...

The Emrati chicas are man-eating fashionistas under those sequined and fur-lined veils. Just wait....