Monday, March 1, 2010

Public Diplomacy in the News

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy website has a great feature for those interested in PD. Public Diplomacy in the News (PDiN) aggregates all the relevant PD articles. The Center now has a new Monthly publication called PDiN Monthly. If you don't have time to read the PDiN roundup everyday, this is a great way to stay in the loop.. and yours truly made a short contribution, as well.

From the Center on Public Diplomacy:

"As part of its PDiN news aggregation service, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy collects and tags countless articles and op-eds on nation branding each week and we are pleased to present a closer look at some of these headlines in the latest issue of PDiN Monthly.

In this issue:
In Nation Branding: Not Just a Logo, Jian 'Jay' Wang offers a concise overview of the ever-evolving field of nation branding with a particular emphasis on some of the breaking stories this month.

In Lost in Explanation, Naomi Leight and Paul Rockower delve into Israel's newly launched program of "brand ambassadors," presenting all sides of the argument for this controversial move by Israel's government.

Katharine Keith reviews relevant articles about the United States' ostensible negligence of its brand management in Welcome to the USA.

At least two dozen February stories tracked in our Science Diplomacy Monitor are summarized in Developments in Science Diplomacy.

PD in Print presents the latest blogs and publications from CPD and other sources and Upcoming PD Events of Interest brings together event information from a range of international venues.

To read the February issue, click here.
For previous issues of PDiN Monthly, click here."

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