Friday, July 17, 2009

Transnational Crime Reporting Tour

When the Foreign Press Center takes journalists on a national tour they blog, twitter and Facebook about the trip. Right now a group of journalists is visiting Atlanta, Georgia to discuss "what U.S. communities are doing to combat not only drug production and transport, but the demand side of the problem as well." For an example of what one of these reporting tours is like check out the DipNote blog posting from the FPC Program Officers.

"For the interviewees, responding to questioning by journalists on FPC
tours is never a cakewalk. We typically ask our embassies around the world to
recommend highly motivated, highly professional journalists for participation,
and their questions often probe difficult aspects of the relationship between
the U.S. and their countries. This tour has been a professional as well as
cultural exchange for our guests, and we’ll hopefully be able to round things
out with the only appropriate introduction to Atlanta: hot dogs, cheese fries,
and super-sized cups of Coca Cola when the Braves play the New York Mets tonight
at Turner Field."

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