Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ's Funural and the black hole of nothingness in media space..

I am very frustrated today with the media, which is not entirely unusual. All day I have been switching back and forth between MSNBC, CNN and others to find some news other than the funeral preparations, processions and proceedings for MJ- to no avail. Then, I thought, well at least Fox News will be bitching about Obama or something, right, at least there will be some entertainmenting rant on liberal media there... WRONG! Don't get me wrong, I have many fine memories of dancing to Billie Jean and recognize the artist MJ was but really. But isn't there a war going on, a conflict somewhere.. anything more important than this.. isn't Sarah Palin talking somewhere? What's happening in Iran or China.. or Honduras.. anyone know.. or care.. It got to the point where I turned to The View for the closest thing to real news which is pretty sad. Not to knock the ladies of The View but really? Whoopi arguing with the blonde Republican chic is the best we can do here? One of the FSO's in my office was astonished at how long the newscasters could talk about nothing while show clips of Staple Center barriers. Now that's talent. I am going to refer everyone to an article mentioned in a previous post on MJ's death and Iran.. because this is just ridiculous.

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