Thursday, September 4, 2008

DAY 3: September 4, 2008: PALESTINE: CHECK POINTS

Because of Ramadan, the West Bank sets back its time an hour from Israeli time.
We went to Bethlehem today with is part of the Palestinian territory, the West Bank. We were on a tour bus to get there and bc we all had our cameras out like tourists the guards at the check point didn’t make us get off the bus or search the bus. They let us go through surprisingly easily. Two of our group members are Israeli and there is a Israeli law that Israeli citizens cannot enter the Palestinian territories so these two couldn’t come with us which is really sad. This law is really a problem bc it keeps Israelis and Palestinians from ever meeting. I think the two meeting is important so that they can see a human face behind their image of the cruel, evil enemy. On our way out of the West Bank the guard, upon hearing we were Americans, stepped onto the bus, asked us to hold up our passports, took one look, and let us go. Didn’t seem very secure, but then again we aren’t Palestinian.

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