Friday, December 17, 2010

Stuck in Nairobi

Okay, so there are worse places to be stranded than this city. I have gotten over the disappointment of being stuck here. Peace Corps has set me and Ana up in a nice hotel with down comforters and pillows. There is free breakfast and free wifi. Peace Corps is also going to give us 1600 shillings per day to spend on food and fun. Ana is feeling better and we are having fun watching movies, eating cheese burgers, and watching more movies. Yesterday I even got to have sushi. We have also been hanging out with other PCVs who are in town. We went to dinner with some education volunteers that we know and some public health guys that we didn't know. They are as crazy as all the rumors say.

There is only one problem with being here in Nairobi. I did not know that the Peace Corps office would close on Friday at two in the afternoon. This is an issue because everything I own is locked in that office until Monday. I have only my toothbrush, laptop, and one outfit to wear. I have been wearing that outfit since Thursday and will be in it until Monday. Gross. I also have no shampoo or conditioner and no comb. Surprisingly, my hair looks not nearly as bad as I feared. Though, I would not say it looks particularly good. Lastly, I have no cell phone charger. So everyone who I told I would call is out of luck. Pole! That includes Caroline, the Medical office, and my supervisor in Marsabit. Oops.

I'll keep this post short and go upload some photos to Facebook. Finally.


pathos said...

Ok, just read this blog and it answered all my questions. We'll call you another time. xxxxooooooo

Caroline said...

I'm still offended I cant call you. ;) this week, I'll call you a hundred times. :)
lots of love. SO glad you're better and having a wonderful time. cant say that enough. also how PROUD I am you are my beautiful, amazing sister. congrats on your accomplishment!! love love love!
talk soon!

Julie said...

Sure glad I'm not your roommate for the weekend. LOL. JK! Enjoyed the pic's!!