Monday, November 22, 2010

A Perfect Weekend... sort of

So Kenya and I have been having a battle. It has been trying its hardest to get me sick, and so far I have prevailed. But on Thursday, Kenya finally won. Mama had made the usual Thursday night dish: Ugali (like a cross between instant mashed potatoes and Playdough, but with less flavor). She did it with a twist though, instead of overcooked beef chunks, she made goat. It was very tasty, and a weensie bit more tender than the beef. She also replaced “Black Night Shade” (which sounds like poison but is actually just a chopped, bitter, type of green) with Sukuma wiki (a nearly identical chopped, bitter, type of green). I really enjoy this meal normally and this time was no exception. After dinner, I went to my room to relax and avoid watching Kiswahili- dubbed, Spanish soap operas by pretending I had homework. After chai, I started to feel a little nauseous and took both Pepto and some anti-nausea pill from my handy-dandy first aid kit. Neither worked; I lost dinner, and the pepto, and any vestiges of lunch. I vomited at least once an hour all night. And just for fun, I had a terrible migraine, body aches, and a mild fever. At eight in the morning, I called Medical and they helpfully told me that it must have been something I ate. She asked if I had an indoor toilet (of course not), said that she would move me to a hotel, and told me she would keep in touch. 20 mins later, there was a guy at my door with a car. I was wisked off to Kilimanjaro Guest House where the Host Family Coordinator met me with actual anti-vomiting drugs and ginger ale. I had a very nice room with a great view of the mountain. I slept all day in peace, I had a hot shower, and a western toilet. It was heaven. It was the first time I have been actually alone since arriving in Kenya. I was only disturbed for dinner and chai. It was heaven, I just watched movies, read and slept. And by evening I felt fine and asked if I could go home. I was told I was not allowed to leave, and I stayed the night. Did I mention it was heaven? Almost worth getting sick. Later Saturday afternoon, I met up with some other PCTs and we had a big, American lunch. It was incredible. Curtis made spaghetti sauce and garlic toast. The rest of us made Chapati- burritos with beans, rice, guacamole, and pineapple salsa. For appetizer, we had toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All was cooked on a jiko (small, coal-burning, stove-thing). It was the best meal I have had in forever. Yum, yum, yum! It was also a lot of fun. No Mama looking over your shoulder telling you that you are doing it wrong and that you will most likely die from starvation in Marsabit.

So, that was my weekend. And now we are in week six. Tomorrow we are doing a language exam, which I am confident I will pass. Wednesday is Hub day! Which means medical sessions and no language, it is a wonderful day. Thursday we are tested on our ability to cut vegetables, mop a floor, wash clothes, and light a lantern. It will be another easy day. Friday we are celebrating Thanksgiving by going to Outward Bound and having traditional (well, as close as we can get) dinner. We also get to stay the night in tents. No 6:30 curfew! Then is week seven, which is model school (I’ll explain that later), then final language test in week eight, then done with PST! It is so close I can taste it! I already have my shopping list for Nairobi (wine, books, coffee, etc).

I should go home now. Being sick all weekend did have a downside, I didn’t do any laundry. I am off to my home to wash clothes. Kwaheri!

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Julie said...

Sorry to hear you got sick, but very glad to hear that they took very good care of you while you were sick! That Ugail dish sounds like dry biscuit mix. Miss ya!