Thursday, October 8, 2009

Phone call with the Ambassador

Very interesting day today.. Had the amazing opportunity to sit in on a phone interview with Ambassador-at-Large Melanne Verveer who heads The Office of Global Women's Issues. I admire her work with Vital Voices so if you care about women's issues and are unfamiliar with their work, check it out here. The interview was for an exciting new project I am working on with Foreign Policy Roundtable (FPR). I don't want to preempt the article that will be posted on Huffington Post, so I won't go into what was discussed just now but I will plug FPR's premier on HuffPost with a Hot Spots article on Afghanistan: Echoes of Vietnam by James Dobbins. So to all my friends, please read the article, comment, and follow FPR's postings so you can read the Verveer interview as well as a lot of other exciting foreign policy content. The interview is part of a theme of "Women in Foreign Policy." Another one of our my projects for FPR is aggregating the top 5 foreign policy articles you must read from around the world. We will translate and highlight the must reads from around the world. Also, for my public diplomat who practice listening, we will highlight "what the world is saying about us" by bringing foreign publications to your attention. So keep an eye out.

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